Patchwork in blue

Before I had the blocking board, I would block squares „old school“: either individually, with needles, pinned on my ironing board, or – depending on yarn and size – stitch (or crochet) them together first and block the finished blanket … Continue reading



It all started with a bad cold at Christmas. I had it first. The son caught it 24 hours later. With fevers of 105 F he was really miserable the night before New Year’s. Obviously too miserable to take the … Continue reading


Turn your face to the Sun

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you” is what the Maori say. It’s what I thought last weekend when coming back to Berlin after spending the day at my parents’ house. It was sad and … Continue reading


Black is the Darkest Color

Let me talk to you about my father. When I was a child he would work a lot. However, I remember all those Monopoly games with him (which we loved) and all of us hiking in the near woods on … Continue reading


Knitting leaves

I did not do much lately. At least not in terms of yarn and knitting and the like. Life has been too busy. Most important: my dad is out of the hospital! However, he is weak and dependent on a … Continue reading


Update on Everyday Life

My sister and her daughters are here to visit. The longer they stay the more I feel like wading in “Rainbow looms.” They are literally everywhere. The youngest made a bracelet in green and purple for me. My favorite colors … Continue reading


You’re Awesome!

Yes, I am talking to you.

Image of You Are Incredible, Ice Cream Colors

You’re multitasking with a zillion things on your mind; you’re heart and soul, commander in chief, and confidant to the ones you love. You’re a driver, a photographer, art director, and a doctor; all at the same time. You have your share in the household income, you take over responsibility, and you work hard most of the time. You are crafty, clever, creative, you blog. And even though you do not have a genetic disposition to do household choirs you do them nonetheless – just like all the other stuff that needs to be done to keep things going.

The way you balance family, work and everything in between is fantastic!

You rock!

Have a great day!



PS Ally M. designed the lovely phrase.