Nexus Sleeve

Sometimes I feel jealous that people are out there coming up with awesome stuff like this!

Neesha posted her pattern for a beautiful, no fuss, unostentatious crochet tablet sleeve.  Very easy to follow, uncomplicated to adapt (depending on tablet size), and a success without fail. So I decided to make this my birthday present for M. What can I say – it turned out great! Hard to show on a picture though.

Tablet Sleeve 1

Tablet Sleeve 2

But then I happened to find the knitted sleeve Dona made … To quote her  – I almost “died in jealousy and envy” and of course I had to make this one too. Here it is:

Tablet Sleeve 4

Tablet Sleeve 3

It’s a streamlined version without pom-poms but with a tweedy button and it fits as smooth and sleek as the crochet one. M unpacked both of them this morning (it’s his birthday today – ta daa!!) and I could tell he had no clue what it was. Fortunately, J and I could help 🙂 He then seemed to like both of them, took the knitted one to work and I am really, really pleased.

Sock Yarn Blanket

A friend’s mother gave me her sock yarn left overs as she had no use for it any more and I decided to make a blanket out of it. Starting with one stitch, increasing by knitting into front and back of each last stitch of row (until each side measured 2 m / 6.5 ft., then decreasing), while using needles size 5 (US 8) it would soon become bigger and bigger. J would decide on the order of skeins and each stripe would be as big as a skein would go. It finally became a very light but very warm blanket that J loves to use. No wonder! I wish I had the words to describe how it feels like to be wrapped into it.

sock wool stash blanket


Sock Yarn Blanket


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14:03:30    Freischaltung der Bestellung in Echtzeit ist möglich
14:03:32    Die Registrierung der Domain hä wird vorgenommen
14:03:40    Vielen Dank für Ihre Bestellung, welche in Echtzeit für Sie durchgeführt wurde

In short: the domain is mine – YAY!

Stash Blanket

Last weekend my dad turned 80. A wonderful celebration, a lot of relatives and friends (of my parents) that I have not seen in years and I wonder if I will ever see them again. Something I need to think about some more.

I am working on a blanket using stash. What do you think?

Counting my Blessings on Thanksgiving

Finally the sky is blue again, even the sun came out and I am so grateful. We had family over for dinner, ate what probably all of you had or will have today and – again – I am thankful. M and J, the house, my parents and sisters – counting my blessings sometimes takes my breath away.

Scarf made of stash – violet, turquois, beige, green, anything from sock yarn to bulky – knitted lengthwise with the biggest needles I could find; no weaving in of ends – they became fringes.

Some more Wrist Warmers

The whole weekend it has been nasty outside: foggy and cold. J didn’t care as long as there was enough light to play basketball, and M would do computer stuff. We had a friend staying with us for 2 nights. Her and I hadn’t seen each other in years. She brought her knitting along and the two of us would talk and laugh and knit, and talk and laugh and knit … It turns out that nasty weather isn’t too bad after all 🙂

Wallowing in Memories

It was in the 70s and I must have been 8 or 9. My dad’s aunt would come to visit and this is when she taught me how to knit.  The idea was to do a red scarf … I don’t think it ever became one. Instead, stiches on the needle would vary between a few and a lot, some would fall and then Tante Maritha would be there to rescue, to support, and to encourage. I still remember that little red knitting becoming longer. Bizarre.