One Eyed Monster

Every now and then the häkelmonster blog has to live up to its promise. So here’s another monster (the face inspired by Muno at Yo Gabba Gabba) for you to see.

Made of (left over) cotton I crocheted it quite some time ago but wasn’t too happy with the pictures. And I am still not. No matter what I do – the monster doesn’t seem to like to have its picture taken. It’s a monster after all. In reality it (he?) has a lot more character than in those pictures.

Originally, the eye was a golden-colored button with a sparkling red stone in the middle but J (my best critic as you know) did not approve. Maybe he was right as the eye would really stick out. So I changed it into a flat black button, adding a little red bead as the middle point. And since then the one eyed monster lives happily ever after in J‘s bed. Eventually, I should take a picture of that “monster packed bed” 🙂

If ever the monster gets a sibling it will be a lot thinner with gawky arms and legs. And maybe two eyes: one underneath the other. And maybe thumbs and a belly button. We’ll see.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Muno at Yo Gabba Gabba

Muno at Yo Gabba Gabba

And this is the whole body (with “old” eye though).

Muno at Yo Gabba Gabba



Monster’s Sleeping Bag

I wasn’t all too happy with my friend’s iPhone sleeve, remember? Thinking of the “monster inside” still made me laugh though, so last weekend I decided to knit a “summer sleeping bag” for the unknown beast.

It had to be thinner but still protective (= rather knitted than crocheted), dark colored (= stain-resistant), hard-wearing (= no real wool), and – probably most important – less prone to pilling.

Fortunately, I came across Anastasia‘s post on how to do the magic cast on when knitting a sleeve. Then Sonja‘s idea (see comments at original post) of using cotton fired my imagination (even though she warned me of the material’s possible disadvantages …). This is how I started.

Against all odds, the “archetype” turned out nice. Nothing wrong with nice, but I didn’t think nice would satisfy the monster. It had to be more than that. And when I came across Anette‘s owl purse I instantly knew what I wanted!

See all three versions below. To me, the ultimate version is blue – that’s the sleeve I sent to Hamburg last night.

1st version in off-whiite cotton with bits of pink and pale blue

1st version in off-white cotton with bits of pink and pale blue

2nd version in off-whiite cotton with bits of pink and pale blue

2nd version in off-white cotton with bits of pink and pale blue and owl

final version in dark blue cotton

final version in dark blue cotton with owl

Someone to watch over me

It has been a while since I crocheted an iPhone sleeve for my friend. Rather convenient than design, but with a pretty button, I sent it to her as a surprise. It was so quickly done, I even forgot to take a picture. End of June, my friend came to visit and even though I was pleased to see her using the sleeve – it was in a bad state: all scraggly and ragged. Obviously, my choice of yarn had been wrong (too much wool – not enough acrylic).

Anyhow, I took a picture to have it “on file” with all the other stuff I have made over the years. And afterwards I forgot all about it (again), leaving the picture on the camera.

Until now.

Tonight I downloaded all pictures and here is what I discovered. It made me laugh out loud. Do you see what I see? No, not the ragged sleeve. The monster inside, carefully watching you with only one eye.

iPhone sleeve

I think it is hilarious. I might even crochet a summer sleeve for my friend, hoping that the monster will like it too.


A Teddy goes Public

I have quite a few childhood friends, some forever friends, but also business friends and eMail friends. Some are casual friends others are close friends but there is only ONE genuine crochet friend (well, maybe two crochet friends, says J, referring to Hannah, her constant interest and support in my projects and blog … :)).

Anyhow – it was rather by chance that Juliane and I realized we’re both hookers. However, she does not have a blog (yet) and consequently I am in the fortunate position to post the little bear she made the other day. She calls him the UglyTeddy, which is probably a synonym for “Teddy with a lot of character” as he is not ugly at all.

Be it as it may, the UglyTeddy is here to meet the world. Please welcome the UglyTeddy with me (Ta-daaaah – a drum roll, please).

Crochet Teddybear


Monsters unite

Surfing the net, looking for anything crochet or monster or both can easily keep me up way too late. There is some awesome stuff out there! It’s been a while since Noisy Pitta ( posted her green alien.

Isn’t that a fabulous creature?! I have been looking at it more than once and finally last month a distant relative would arise from some left over raspberry red ball of wool.

Raspberry Red Monster



One of J‘s class mates seemed to be in need of a boo boo doll so last december Bazillus moved in with him. Ever since he has been going to school with the 2nd (now 3rd) grader, munching worries and attending classes. Maybe I should take another picture – Bazillus obviously has had a tough life between bed, school bag, and public facilities … This is what he looked like when he was young:


The Crochet Monster: Boo Boo

The whole thing with the monsters started in 2010 when J saw one in a shop window and he really wanted it. It was sewn with its mouth being a zipper. Next to it was a short text explaining that the little creature’s job would be to devour children’s sorrows and worries. J never had had a stuffed animal before, never wanted one, not even as a baby, and his urgent request for that “boo boo doll” took me by surprise. But he would not let go.

I ended up buying some cheap cotton (as I don’t know how to machine-sew) in nasty colours (that was all I could get) and started to crochet. To cut at a long story short  – J couldn’t care less about colours and even before the last thread was fastened the “boo boo” was adopted and taken upstairs … He became a family member: until today J will not go to bed without him, he holds him in his arms all night, drags him along for sleep overs and downstairs for breakfast.

So far, all sorrows have had a happy ending too. J would write them down and place the little paper in Boo Boo’s mouth. Sometimes it would take quiete a few days for him to solve what ever was written on it (like when my dad was in hospital) but he would always manage.

And that’s Boo Boo:

In case you’re interested in the sewn one that we saw in the shop window that day: search the web for “Sorgenfresser”



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In short: the domain is mine – YAY!