Flying Overseas

At the end, I did not bring the knitting needles on board. I was too worried someone might take them away from me – with or without the yarn. Instead, I grabbed a few balls of cotton, a crochet hook, and Jan Eaton’s book of 200 crochet blocks.

Four blocks are done so far and I need to come up with an idea what to do with them …

crochet blocks

A Cowl for the Goddaughter

A third cowl. Yep. This was a “cowly Christmas” – at least in my house. And guess what! The presentees were perfectly happy.

J is modelling again (in his toy story pyjamas … please ignore that :)). I like to add that the beautiful “90% llama 10% glamour” yarn is pure fun to work with and available at Jessica’s little online store. I used less than two balls for Teresa’s cowl.

knitted cowlknitted cowl

Crochet Bags

Surfing the net, I realized a few days ago that there are some very nice crochet bags out there: very colorful, very fashionable, very useful! And all of a sudden I knew that those little squares (Edie Eckman motiv #88) I have made, were not to become a blanket as intended.

Instead, M and I spent hours trying to arrange some of them according to Inga’s pattern in such a way that same colors do not adjoin … Well, if you look at the final outcome we did not succeed. Yes, it bugs me. No, I won’t undo it. There are enough little squares left to start over and make a second bag 🙂

Crochet Bag

Recently, Juliane too has discovered crochet bags. Here is the bag she made for a little girl. I really like her choice of colors! Pretty in pink 🙂

Crochet Bag Juliane


At least for now … Blue sky, sun, 15°C, and one little violet crocus in our garden. It’s wonderful! However, the weather forecast says rain and snow for the weekend. Yikes! Even worse: supposedly, winter is coming back to Berlin.

Therefore no long post today as I must (!) go outside! Only the picture of a beautiful Russian candy wrapper that perfectly matches my mood.


Crown Pattern

A must, I guess 🙂 I’ll give it a try.

Hatting Madly Crochet

I just had to share this pattern I improvised today. I have the flu at the moment, so if my instructions are unclear, I cannot be held accountable 😉

Hook: 3.5 mm (E/4)

Yarn: DK/8ply. I used Knitwise Pricewise Hero, from The Warehouse.

Size: to fit toddler/small child with head circumference 50cm (20″) approx – my daughter is 3 and a half.


ch 84, join with sl st making sure you don’t twist the chain.

R1. ch1, sc in same st, sc around, join with sl st

R2. ch1, sc in same st, sc around, join with sl st

R3. v-stitch (hdc, ch2, hdc) in joining st and every 3rd st around, join [the first v-stitch will be ch4, hdc]

R4. OPTION ONE… Shell (3dc, ch2, sl st in 1st ch, 3dc) in first v-stitch, sc in next v-stitch, repeat around, join [the first shell will be ch4, sl…

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The Crochet Monster: Boo Boo

The whole thing with the monsters started in 2010 when J saw one in a shop window and he really wanted it. It was sewn with its mouth being a zipper. Next to it was a short text explaining that the little creature’s job would be to devour children’s sorrows and worries. J never had had a stuffed animal before, never wanted one, not even as a baby, and his urgent request for that “boo boo doll” took me by surprise. But he would not let go.

I ended up buying some cheap cotton (as I don’t know how to machine-sew) in nasty colours (that was all I could get) and started to crochet. To cut at a long story short  – J couldn’t care less about colours and even before the last thread was fastened the “boo boo” was adopted and taken upstairs … He became a family member: until today J will not go to bed without him, he holds him in his arms all night, drags him along for sleep overs and downstairs for breakfast.

So far, all sorrows have had a happy ending too. J would write them down and place the little paper in Boo Boo’s mouth. Sometimes it would take quiete a few days for him to solve what ever was written on it (like when my dad was in hospital) but he would always manage.

And that’s Boo Boo:

In case you’re interested in the sewn one that we saw in the shop window that day: search the web for “Sorgenfresser”