January is in a bag, February too. March is in a box. Every day, well, almost every day, I knit another little Hexagon pillow and – at least when thinking about this project – I would not mind if 2018 … Continue reading



The son has a sleep-over at his best friend’s house, the man is not in Berlin, and instead of taking advantage of a free evening, I have (again) spent an hour wasting lifetime on Instagram. Happens over and again, annoys … Continue reading


Another blanket

I did not mean to crochet another blanket. Seriously not. But then my friend Tamara gave me this bag full of sock yarn scraps and leftover yarns … Little abandoned bundles, a bit tousled, very colorful. Most of them Regia. … Continue reading


a + b = c

Right after blogging on Sunday I would wind up the unloved remaining sock yarn into one ball. As I do not have a ball winder I wind up yarn by hand with the help of a cardboard tube that once … Continue reading


The Tensfield Hat

Martina Behm has created another hat pattern that I really like: the Tensfield hat. A construction out of the ordinary, yet easy to memorize. You may use any yarn you like, any size, no matter what – the pattern will … Continue reading


Spending Money

Did you ever wonder what a German yarn addict (like me) might buy in the land of unlimited opportunities?

Well, so far I got: little rings to use as stitch markers, DPNs in different colors, and a size 50 hook to crochet chair pads (for the kitchen chairs at home).

IMG_0942However, still looking out for Self Striping Sock Yarn. Any suggestions anyone?


Granny Square Blanket

This is what I crochet when taking the train to work: a small size granny square blanket. Each square measures 12×12″ (30x30cm).

I am usually pretty good in boiling down stash but no matter how hard I try – some skeins seem to last forever. They’re mainly sock yarn in weird color gradients, hardly more than one skein each and I know I will never (ever) use them for anything “real.” However, I wanted to get rid of them AND at the same time I needed some easy crochet or knitting to take along with me. So I decided to make a blanket: 1 ball = 1 square.

This is where I am right now:

Granny Square Blanket Granny Square Blanket Granny Square BlanketGruesome colors, I know. How about joining them in turquoise? Same color for the edging. That will brighten up the blanket and unite its parts. Maybe not turquise but orange. Not sure yet.

However, another two and a half squares and I am done. That will make a nice, small blanket, 47×35″ / 120x90cm.

Have a good weekend.



Going through pictures I found two that I wanted to blog but never got around to do so. And even though they are a bad match – here they come:

I have finished the sock yarn stash blanket quite some time ago and gave it to friends who had triplets. (Can you imagine having triplets?!) It’s thick and heavy and therefore probably better to lay on it rather than underneath.

stash blanket

Those last weeks, between times and bigger projects, I would make all different kinds of egg cozies for a friend. She’s French and apparently the French are not familiar with the concept of egg cozies. The little bunny I made is part of her (expanding) collection too.


Knitting the wrap – and nothing but the wrap to get it done in time – makes me want to start a zillion other things. Another monster, a baby blanket, ANYTHING. Crazy hooker’s mind …

A lovely weekend to all of you 🙂