Turn your face to the Sun

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you” is what the Maori say. It’s what I thought last weekend when coming back to Berlin after spending the day at my parents’ house. It was sad and … Continue reading



Now that I have started, it is hard to stop. Look at those tight little balls of yarn – bits and pieces, different brands – they were literally screaming at me: knit! socks! And so I did. I sent the … Continue reading


WIPs to come

This morning (blue sky, birds singing) I refused to wear my winter coat to go to work. I chose handknits (cardigan, scarf, wrist warmers) and a down vest instead. A decision I learned to regret the minute I left the … Continue reading



April weather is here: beautiful on Sunday, sunburned faces everywhere on Monday, downpour this morning.

Birds’ twitter, short-sleeved t-shirts, cagoule within reach, ice cream, gardening, daylight when we get up, daylight when J goes to bed, open back door, bulgur salad for dinner – the whole nine yards 🙂 Even work is more fun.

I love this time of the year!

flower blanket

baby blanket in spring colors


Purple Crocus

March has never been that cold in Berlin for the last 130 years, that’s what they said in today’s papers. I can’t speak for 130 years but at least over the last 40 years I don’t remember searching (or – later in life – assisting the Easter bunny in hiding … 🙂 ) Easter eggs in ankle-deep snow myself.

However, there’s hope! See what I discovered in our garden today: New life!


In this spirit, Happy Easter to all spring (and candy) lovers out there.



At least for now … Blue sky, sun, 15°C, and one little violet crocus in our garden. It’s wonderful! However, the weather forecast says rain and snow for the weekend. Yikes! Even worse: supposedly, winter is coming back to Berlin.

Therefore no long post today as I must (!) go outside! Only the picture of a beautiful Russian candy wrapper that perfectly matches my mood.