In 2012, I started writing this blog without really knowing how to do that and where it would lead me. All I knew was that there is a huge and international creative community online that I wanted to exchange experiences, patterns, projects, pictures, and support with. I was looking for companions in mind, birds of a feather, like-minded people – you!

Thank you for being here!

I live in Berlin (Germany) together with the man I love and our son (13). During the day I work part-time, at night I craft, mom, and blog (not necessarily in that order).

Both, the man and the boy, take part in my blogging adventure: The man has become my artistic adviser, spin doctor, and aide (frogging no matter what, although he would rather keep it). The boy is the best critic one could ever ask for. All the more, I am thrilled when he instantly adopts anything wooly I make and takes it to his room.

According to the boy there is always yarn attached to me, whereas his dad is mostly entangled by a rat’s nest of cables. His own hands are glued to a basketball ever since he was born.

This is us.

hands C

hands J


Without the man or the boy there might be no monsters, dolls, other creatures, blankets, crochet flowers, scarves, wraps, wrist warmers and the like. Maybe not even a blog. I owe both of them a lot.


11 thoughts on “about

    • Thank you Ruta for following häkelmonster and for complimenting me on its content. However, I am not that much into the whole award thing as the expectations that come with it remind me of chain letters and bread starters … 🙂 So – is it okay to decline?


    • You may want to search the net for “raised double crochet” (front and back) and follow instructions.
      Knit 5 squares and sew them together – that’s what I did. The German pattern gives instructions for chair cussions. I have only attached it for the stitches.


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